You are greeted by the company "Techcolor-Euro Detail"!

Trading house "Tekhkolor-Euro Detal" specializes in the production of equipment for livestock farms - dairy and pig farms, as well as hardware - armored doors of the entrance group, fire-prevention certified doors, complex metal structures and the like.
  - Sale of equipment wholesale and retail;
- Development of projects for the reconstruction of livestock buildings;
- Calculation of the necessary equipment;
- Departure to objects for measurements and consultations;
- Installation, installation supervision of manufactured equipment;
- Construction of livestock farms.
Geographically, the company is located in the city. Khmelnitsky, has its own production facilities, where our products are manufactured.
The state provides compensation for our equipment 25% of the cost (we are included in the list of manufacturers of domestic agricultural equipment, the cost of which is partially compensated by public funds)